Monday, 17 March 2014

Lets have a chat.

Oh wow. It has certainly been a long time coming. I have been so incredibly busy with final uni project it is somewhat unbelievable. I had almost forgotten about my blog, but when i realised that i needed to upload a video, i thought i should and would fill you guys in with where and what I've been doing. It won't be a long post, but i would rather let you guys know then have you wondering. whether you are actually interested or anyone will read this is a different story. Basically, as you may or may not know, i am in my final year of uni, therefore i have my final project to do. I am lucky to do an art subject, so there are no exams involved hallelujah! If you were wondering, i study fashion, textiles and business. I am in the midst of making my final collection and its certainly taking its time. A lot of sampling and getting things perfect, before we can make our final garments. I may make a look book of them when they are all finished, so let me know if you would like to see that! We had in on the 22nd of April so its going to be all systems go between now and then and i have so much to do, its almost ridiculous. don't leave your work till last minute, will i ever learn?!?! So yeah, that is where i have been. I am sorry, as i know i was on a roll and i knew it would have to come to a holt at some point, but uni work is coming first but soon it will all be over and i will be back on the roll! Last week i uploaded a video with a iveaway so if you haven't entered and you are interested, i will link it here and also i uploaded a new video today, so check that out too if you want to! Again, i do apologise, but i will be back soon. I am thinking of getting some guest bloggers, so if you want to some guest posts, then either tweet me @zoebowx93 or leave a comment below. 

Zoe xx


Sunday, 9 March 2014

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette


Hello everyone, hope all is well! I am so excited to write todays post, i literally can't contain my excitement or words kfnwldkngwnwghrwog. I have been wanting to post this for ages now and was going to wait until i hit a milestone, but i couldn't contain my excitement, i just had to do it now. 

As i am sure most of you are aware, the NARSissist palette among the blogging community was very popular and i think everyone went a little crazy over it. I actually missed the launch date on the NARS website, because I'm a slacker and somehow missed it. i literally must have been a hermit that day. So after a couple days of relentless searching, i came to terms and just had to buy it from I am sure you are all aware that Nordstrom is an American shopping department, similar to House of Fraser. I bought it online and from America, so they turned out a little cheaper, but with packaging, i could have bought an extra one, which is kinda annoying, but i didn't really care. lets just say, i didm't eat for a couple days. I was so surprised at how quickly it got here. I was expecting like a month, but 10 days later it was on my doorstep. well my neighbours as i wasn't in.

Lets just taken a minute to observe to beauty of this palette. I mean. Literally there are no words. NARS eyeshadows are creamy and super pigmented and just amazing regardless, but they seem to be amazing here. Super creamy, super pigmented, creasing isn't an option, because they aren't going anywhere when they are on. If you watch the video you will see how amazing they apply and work with each other. Extremely easy to blend and every colour works with each other. Like I've said in the video, I'm going to do 3 looks with this palette, so each row will have its own look. I think they is amazing for beginners and everyone in between. There are a perfect mix of browns, nudes, blacks, grey, shimmers, glitters, mattes and everything else in between.

These are from the first row and my favourite row. Who wouldn't want to put these all over their eyes. Not me. I explain things better in the video of how to get the perfect look with these colours, but love them all and these are the perfect eyeshadows. I loved the final outcome of the looks with these shadows and think its something i would wear in the evening or possible daytime, but not as heavy. They are such good shades to mix and match and create a daytime or evening appropriate look. I love me some neutral eyesahdows.

Next up, to me, is the everyday row. I felt that the look i created was suited for everyday perfectly. I wanted to create 3 looks which would in-corporate daytime, evening and then a miss mash of both and to me this has daytime written all over it. Again you can mix and match the colours to suit your needs and of course the look you are going for. I am really looking forward to using this row and mixing them with others in the palette for the perfect day time look.

The last melon row . I would be lying if i didnt say that this row doesn't scare me. I love the look of black smokey eyes, but i always look like I've been punched when i try one out. The look i originally was going for in this look didnt turn out so i just put the black all over my lids. It turned out okay, but still has that 'punched but not bruised yet' look i think. I wish i could master a black smokey eye, but for know i think i will stick with my browns. However, if your a pro, unlike myself, then this row is the row for you i think. It think its got the perfect and classic smokey eye colours. I will try my best to master this one, but it may be a while and a lot of black punched looks before it becomes anywhere close to perfect or remotely good. 

If you've been sent here for my youtube channel, then you will know that i am also giving away one of these palettes. I was so excited when they came out, i just knew i had to give one away. I am not sure they are still available in the UK, but i know they are in stock on Sephora. So, giveaway, i have bought the palette completely by myself and the shipping alone meant i could have bought 3 being impatient is so annoying and shipping from america is expensive say whaaaa £40 later...

It is only UK based i am afraid, but i will do an international one on my next giveaway i promise!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you have had a lovely weekend, where i live the weather has been glorious and i spent most of it in bed. What a waste. 

Zoe xx


Friday, 7 March 2014


Hello lovelies, i apologise that this blog post is a little late...... 5 days precisely. I have been so caught up with uni work, I'm having today off and my printer is broken. I am at home this weekend, so I've bought my sketchbook and that my priority this weekend. Maybe i should get it out of my car and not watch devil wears prada. procrastination at its best right there

When i bought my new L'oreal L'extradinaire Liquid Lipstick blog post here, i just knew that i needed to a do look with it. I kept the eyes fairly subtle and made the lips the focal point. I am not normally a pink lipstick girl, but i really like this one. I have been loving bright colours as usual, and this is no exception. I am really pleased with the outcome and think its perfect for spring. I used a variation of products, some old and some new which i hadn't used before!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua -B20
Maybelling Anti Age Eye Eraser - LightNARS Devouree Highlight (One night stand palette)NARS Albatross HighlighterNARS LagunaMAC Woodwinked EyeshadowMAC Omega EyeshadowBenefit Gimme Brow - Meduim DeepBourjous Java Rice PowderMax Factor Miracel Touch Creamy Blush - Soft PinkL'Oreal Extradionaire Liquid Lipstick - 401 Fuchsia Dream

I hope you enjoyed it and check out the video if you want to see it actually work. I am also launching my giveaway on Sunday, so subscribe to my youtube if you want to be in a chance of winning it! Hope you have a lovely friday evening and day tomorrow and sunday - so have a good weekend basically!  xxx


Thursday, 6 March 2014


If you got through those pictures your a trooper. Oh my god! I have seen Beyonce live. I can die happy now. Oh and to make it even better, i can add Jay Z into that equation. Life is officially made. From the picture above you can clearly see how happy i was before and my face is still like that. I am actually having serious withdrawal symptoms and really want to see her again now!

I went up with my mum, sister, cousin and auntie and we had a whale of a time. It was filled with fun and laughter with our family anything is always hilarious. My cousin Steph also known to me as nugg were so excited we couldn't contain our excitement. We are very close so we literally get along like a house on fire. We caught the train up and then get a Thames boat taxi to the O2 as some members of the family don't like the underground which is understandable, especially during rush hour. The boat was lovely, relaxing, a tad bumpy lucky i don't get sea sick, oh wait. nothing happened though. The view was lovely and we got to go under the tower bridge, which I've never seen in my 20 nearly 21 years of life have seen with my own eyes in person. tele and pictures don't count. The boat took about 30 minutes, but it was much nicer then the tube and you were guaranteed a seat! bonus cha ching

We got the O2 and headed straight for the mercy. Of course, we had to buy something. I really wanted a jumper, but they were so expensive. However, my lovely mumma treated myself and my sister to one. Nugg and I got ones that said surfboard and then my sister, also known as Kelly, got one with a B but a backwards B on it. thank mumma. As we were all a member of Sky, we headed up to the Sky lounge. OH. MY. GOD! It is incredible. If you are a sky broadband or tv member i think, you have to go here. It is completely free and so nice. We went into the green screen room first and I'm sure you can see we had a bit to much fun! We also had the offer to 'present' some news, but we skipped that step. We then headed up and had our picture taken with the Sky background thing. We got some dinner, which was very nice thanks to my auntie for paying and filling! We then had the opportunity to chill out before we had to go and find our seats. 

Once we had got to our seats, shuffled around, let people go past and everything like that, the support act came on. He was a DJ called Monsuier Adi. Not my cup of tea, but he entertained some people behind us which was hilarious and the people standing seemed to be moving. i couldn't see that far, they all looked like ants. Then, the BEYONCE flag thing came down. We did have to wait 45 minutes, but i will forgive the queen. She came on at 9. I loved the whole she-bang. I put a video up for you to watch. However, long story short, it was amazing, i love her, i want to be her, Jay Z came on, i thought i was going to have a heart attack, she is amazing. I don't think theres one work to sum her up, because she is everything. The whole concert was amazing, and although I've only ever been to 5 concerts, this is the best and i think will always be the best! The video isn't on my main channel as I'm not sure about the whole copyright thing with her music and whizz, but none the less, its a little montage of our day out. Before you watch it, its 20 minutes long. Be prepared and get some food and a drink. (not uploaded yet got around 2000 minutes to go..........)

I hope you have had a lovely week, its been quiet on here, i know but I'm in my final stages of uni now and this means, that i should do some work, i will try my best but i can promise everything. Thank you for reading!

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