Friday, 21 February 2014

NARS One Night Stand Palette

Ohhhh i am so excited to have this little beauty in my life. I kinda missed the whole hype when it first came out and truth be told, i didn't have £45 to spend on it. food was kinda more important at that stage. I was searching high and low for the Narsissist palette, but when i stumbled across this is just magically made its what into the basket. isn't it annoying when that happens? haha. It did take a while for it to come, as it was ordered directly of the NARS website, but it makes it that more exciting when it arrives in the post! I'm not  blush person, as i naturally have red cheeks anyway but this palette could just convert me into a blush fanatic. I don't think its still available, but Sleek do some blushers which are exactly the same, just a quarter of the price and having tried some myself, Sleek know how to make a blush or 2.

I had seen so many people rave about it, so i automatically had high hopes for it and boy, this little beaut has done the job of being a winner. nars in general is always a winner though. I wasn't originally going to buy the palette as its not exactly on the cheap side, but my laguna is on its last legs and it is literally the best and my favourite bronzer ever, so instead of spending £25 on one, i could get 6 for £45. If i were to buy 6 individually they would be over £100 and i don't  have that type of money to spend on 6 cheek products. Correct me if I'm wrong, but i also am led to believe that devotee is a limited edition colour??? i could be wrong on that one.

Devotee is a more pinker highlighter then Albatross, but i think its also got more glitter in it. Its not so shimmery, but more glittery if that makes sense. I reckon it would look amazing in the evening. I have yet to try and wear this as i don't particularly think its day time appropriate for myself, but i can't wait to wear it.

Laguna is just bloody amazing. I am not going to go into too much details, but its a bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer running through it, but it doesn't show at all when applied to the cheeks. I love this for contouring and my far it is my favourite. I think its fairly sheer, but it certainly buildable, just go steady with the amount you put on. I've seen someone use it and have orange strips across their cheeks. not the best look in my opinion.

Mistinguette. WOW. This automatically scares the life out of me. However, these blushes are the best if you want to look like you've got a rosy glow. They actually look amazing on the skin and especially darker skin tones. I had a blush similar to this, but from Sleek and with a very very light hand, it can look amazing!

Orgasm is one I've always wanted to try, but i never have. I love this. Im not a fan of shimmer or glitter in blushers, but this is just amazing it can be allowed. The perfect rose gold colour and i reckon this would look insane with a tan. Cant wait to try it when the sun comes out. please come out soon mr. sun.

Deepthroat is fairly similar to orgasm, but its not as shimmer orientated. I would say its a tad darker and also less shimmer. Similar corally, rose gold colour, but just less shimmer. I think this would look amazing for everyday use. Im not a blush kinda gal, but this blush could just convert me.

Goulue in my eyes is the perfect winter blush. The most gorgeous plum colour. It looks amazing on the cheeks and really adds a pop of colour. Makes you look like you've just been for a run and come back all glowing and rosy. not sweaty though. 

I don't think its still available, but Sleek do some blushers which are exactly the same, just a quarter of the price and having tried some myself, Sleek know how to make a blush or 2.

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