Thursday, 6 February 2014

MAC Face and Body & MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Holly & Katie, im not sorry for featuring you on this post. 

First of. Apologies that there are no product pictures. I have left both of them at home and unfortunately, i can't teleport them to me at uni. Annoyed isn't the word right now.

It has certainly been a long time since a post of the blog which actually contains a form of writing, not just a quick hi, bye. at least i will try and make it a bit longer. This certainly does not relate to the post at all, but I've finished my dissertation! Hallelujah, praise the lords, whatever you want to say, its done. Apart from spell check, but isn't that what getting your dad to proof read it for? YES. I can't spell for the life of me, so sorry padre. yes i call my dad padre, and a variety of other names, which shan't be said, as I'm am sure one wouldn't like that. p -dawg.... 

Rightyo then. A review. Goodness gracious me. It has been a bloody long time since i sat down and wrote one of these. Any, on todays agenda. 2 products with 1 purpose. The face. My first MAC foundation was absolutely shocking. I can't remember the name of it, but yeah, worst foundation I've ever tried for dry skin AND they even recommend it to me for dry skin. Sorry, but that thing was cling central. Just take a left and there you were. Literally. my face looked like a cheese straw when all the pastry flakes of. why do i always refer my face to pastry? i like cheese straws. i want one now. I had heard a lot about the MAC Face and Body foundation and had been researching it a lot typical blogger, before i spent £24 or so on something. I read Georgina's blogpost and i knew it was going to be a good'un. I think we have similar skin tones and skin types, so i just assumed it would be amazing. I would have to agree with her, that yes, it is splendiferous. It is a nice coverage and certainly build able and as the name suggests, you can use it on the body too. Although, I'm not too sure i will be. I wore this to a friends 21st birthday hence the really weird/slightly intoxicated pictures and this lasted all evening. Not once did i have to even powder over it. I was seriously impressed and i put my makeup on at around 5pm and didn't take it of until 2am, so it lasted a bloody long time. Seriously, if you've got dry skin and want a foundation with no spf, which also lasts, then this is the one. I would 13450350% recommend this and it certainly is my new favourite foundation. I haven't been wearing foundation and then this came along and i found myself applying a full face of semi-natural makeup in the morning, but it looks so natural thats it is just bloody brilliant. in my head when i say  bloody brilliant, i say it in an accent, possibly liverpool. go on try it. 

Next up is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, i have also previously owned this, but in the wrong shade, which makes everything wrong and i hated it. Now I've got it in Light Plus it is perfect. Theres not to much i can say about this, apart from this and the foundation = a dewy, flawless baby was born on your face. I'm being serious. It is expensive at £22 and when i first bought it, it was £17 or £18, but icuramba, its certainly gone up in price since 2011. Mind you, i think all MAC products have. This powder, would be amazing over any foundation and i think its got a light coverage, so it does add a little bit more coverage when you apply, but not so much that you look like you've got a cake on your face. 

If your stuck in a rut I've always wanted to say that and not sure whether to get them, i would 123455433% recommend them. I would get colour matched in a MAC store, as i guessed and i got C2, which is fine, a tad dark, but i blend it in loads, but the colour system isn't like NC20 or NW15, its a bit different, so definitely go and ask, but yes, you do need it. 

Also, I'm going to be giving away the news narcissist eye palette to one of you lovely followers, but i really really want to get to 500 GFC followers ad 100 YT subscribers first. I would really love it if you could follow on both. My youtube is I upload new videos every sunday at 6.30pm on the dot. Also my new instagram is


  1. Face and Body is my favourite foundation. I have freckles and so requested something sheer in the MAC store. I haven't tried the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural before, but definitely need to be adding it to my list!

    Lindsey. x

    1. its amazing, so annoyed i left it at home though :( oh my gosh, together they are beautiful! xx


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