Saturday, 15 February 2014

January Haul - Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Nars & Fujifilm

So, this post is a little bit late. I have no excuse, but if i was going to use one it would be that i had to hand in my dissertation yesterday -i know, best valentines gift ever for a singleton like myself-. This was meant to be posted last Sunday, so its only 6 days late. better then a week. sounds so much more longer then 7 days..... I also have a video with this, which goes into more details, but because I'm an a grade idiot, i forgot to include the Nars product, so that shall be included in my next haul. let me tell you know, its going to be bloody long. I don't want to go into a full review on all of these, but let me just say that i love them all. Literally! There are no words and they are just all amazing and words can't justify how amazing they are. Neither can the video, so my advice is to go buy them. if you don't like them, then thats not my fault. your weird. I think its safe to say that I'm obsessed with them. This doesn't at all relate to the post, but why do some white vans have that spiny thing on their roof? Theres one in my neighbours drive and its baffled me. 

Anyway yes, back to makeup and not cars. I am going  to do separate reviews on all of them, so keep your little beady eyes open for them. Ive got a hand-in for uni work, on Tuesday, then I'm into my final project -shitting myself- so there should be more posts up, but if not then i will try my bestest - i promise-. I have linked the video below for you to watch and please please subscribe if you like it, i have another video going up Sunday and am doing a giveaway of a sneaky NARS product, when i get to 500 bloggy followers (not bloglovin as it doesn't work with my blog, so GFC) and 100 youtuby subscribers. Love ya loads if you do - if you don't then you suck-


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