Monday, 17 February 2014


I was deprived of the childhood days spent in IKEA back in the 90's, early 00's. I think its become a bigger thing recently, well for me as everyone i know, seems to be going there and it always made me jealous. my parents said i had been before, but i can't remember it, so if you don't remember it, it doesn't happen - right? I made a little Sunday trip to Southamptons IKEA a couple weeks ago with my Dad and Sister and i was in heaven. As soon as we drive up the spiral car lift ramp thing, i was in ore. those spiral things actually scare me, like how do you drive round them? Anyway, having been deprived of those infamous meatballs which we didn't get to eat as the queue was ridiculously busy, we had a bloody good nose around. Originally my sister went to look at beds and what not, but she only picked up a bin. I know, very adventurous, she really pushed the boat of there. However, i picked up a tad more. I was lucky enough that my dad was paying so I literally just put anything in the bag that i liked. note to self - shopping with dad is so much more easier with mum.

First of, i picked up a very handy laptop tray/ dinner tray. My laptop always over heats and i never learn my lesson. naughty zoe. This was around £8 i believe or £15, but thats pretty expensive for a bit of wood...... This is so handy and actually folds, but thats in the video if you want to see it, so you should watch it and then subscribe pleeeaaasseeeeeeeee *big cheesy grin*

I bought 100 tea lights, because well i also bought a really tricking cute lantern and of course i needed some lights to put in it, so yeah. tea lights. The lantern is so cute and i definitely want to but more and maybe get some bigger ones that they do. They are also soooooo cheap i was amazed, they were £2! Can you believe it! I can't! wow, so many exclamations points, i can't contain my excitement.

I also bought 2 small mason jars, because i wanted to use of them as like a jar for beauty products or maybe like a treat jar, then also one of them i want to put memorable things that have happened throughout the year in, so i can look at them and remember the year. I think these were like £1.50, so when i finish uni and move back home, i am certainly buying a lot of these babies. i also got a ikea family card, not sure why as i rarely go there, but anyone know what they do? i don't....

I also bought a butter dish. yeahhhhhhhh

As soon as we walked in i could smell the most amazing thing ever. It was just like cake and i needed it. The Tindra candle is amazing and everyone needs it. It was only a £1 too, which of course, i couldn't resist. deffs go smell it if your near an IKEA, I'm not the best at describing things.

Finally, i picked up a duvet. Now i love the design on this, but my god, its bloody massive. At first i thought i picked up the wrong size, but then my sister told me that Dad had told my sister that IKEA diver covers are huge and told her not to tell me. Brilliant. Thanks guys.


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