Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cookie Monster - FAIL

Just call me a super blogger. The cookies are actually in the oven as we speak. keen bean is my name. I have been loving baking at the moment- not cooking, baking. i hate cooking. apart from lasagne. I made cookies last week with my wonderful chummy cousin and boy we did good. We both agreed that the best type of cookies aren't the cakey ones and although ours turned out slightly cakey, they were still bloody delicious and were eaten within the day. maybe the hour......

I watch a youtube channel called How To Cook That. omg guys, if you like sweet things, then you need to check this one out. or just watching people cook. YOU WILL WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING!! She recently made cookies and boy they looked good. I thought, you know what, I'm craving cookies. Im going to bake. So i woke up at 6AM thanks dad for being so loud this morning- went to Sainsburies at 9.30ish and was in and out like a really fast thing -whats really fast??? a crocodile in water YES favourite animals- I had most of the ingredients here so only need to pick up chocolate and flour. Nice and simple and cheap. I found it bizarre and still am finding it weird that you don't need eggs for this recipe, but we shall see what they taste like when they are done. you know when the smells start leaking from the oven, i just got a whiff and ohhhhh I'm excited, smells like nice stuff. wide range of vocabulary being used today hahaha. 

Right 1 hour later and I've just taken them out of the oven. My word of advice, don't make these if your not a pro cooker. They were nice - only managed to eat half of one- very hard and greasy and not chewy at all. Arghh damn it, maybe i shouldn't stick to internet recipes as they always go wrong. From the picture, i don't think i even need to explain them as I'm pretty sure you can see. I was really excited to do a cooking post, but I'm not too sure it will be happening again anytime soon. possibly in the near future, very far away future.... If i was going to bake cookies again, i would follow the receipe from the last time, as they didn't look like cowpats and weren't like rocks to eat. Im surprised i still have teeth left after that. I think i may do a recipe on those ones, but not anytime soon, maybe in easter -uni works calling......


  1. Ohhh this happend to me also once when i tried to bake coconut cookies and the result was the same-all over the place,greasy and burned!:) I stopped baking cookies after that!:)

    1. i don't think I'm going to be baking full stop anytime soon hahaah xx


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