Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you are all well! Today, i thought i would write another fashion post. This is my second one now and i really enjoy creating and styling looks maybe because i can't style myself?? I wanted to do a chic yet casual look today. I like keeping outfits simple, but effective. I think this is so chic and very fashion forward in my eyes, but obviously everyones opinions are different and this is something that i would wear myself if i have the confidence and wasn't such a hermit crab

1. The Coat.  This coat is beautiful. It's actually from Oasis. I didn't realise they were still around as my local one closed down a fair few years ago now. However, this beautiful tuxedo oversized coat is so timeless, effortless and chic. I love this and would love one, but I would look like a sack of potatoes if I did. Not the best look. It's very in fashion right now, regarding the style, but not necessarily to the colour, but you simply can not go wrong with a beige and black trimmed coat. 

2. The Jumper. Knitwear is my favourite at the moment. I could spend everyday in it. Well I kinda do actually. I love the colour of this jumper, I think it's so unusual. It is almost a brown raspberry colour, but I like it. It looks oversized, which for me, is also a big ding ding ding gold star award. This is from hm which I never go into, but I definetley need to go there more, as they do have some good gems hidden around. 

3. The Jeans. I love grey jeans. Even though I don't own a pair, I love the way they look and they are so easy to style. They go with pretty much every colour. You can dress them up or down and really make them look so nice. These ones are from mango p, but I found them on the John Lewis website for half price. It's a sign. 

4. The Sunglasses. Oh. My. God. I have no words. Of course these beauty's are cheap and being Chanel, I wouldn't expect them to be. I love these. I most probably wouldn't suit these but they look incredible, I really couldn't care less. I won't be buying them anytime soon or I the future unfortunately. 

5. The Hat. I love hats, but they just don't really look good on my. I think it's because my head is a weird shape and also I feel they look better on longer hair then shorter hair. I really like this one as it's black, so is very versatile and also it's oversized. Do you see a theme here....I believe it's limited edition from River Island, so if you like what you see, go grab before it's gone!

6. The Shoes.  I can't express my love for converse. I just love them. Of course, you can also where boots with this look of whatever shoes you want, but converse would be my pick as they are so god damn comfortable. 

7. The Clutch. My eyes are in heaven. Whistles isn't a brand I've ever bought anything from before, but ohhh I want to buy this now. I didn't realise it's got a textured size to the back which is monochrome which is amazing as of course, it goes with everything this way. It's not exactly cheap, but I feel this would last a long time and go with everything in anyone's wardrobe. 

So I hope you liked this post. I love doing these now and will definetley be doing perhaps 2 a weeks. ,aye a more casual one and then a more dressy one. Let me know what ether you would wear this and what you would buy from it! 

See you tomorrow, I'm on such a roll with writing a post a day, I love it!


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