Friday, 21 February 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow

First off, i apologise for looking not my best in this picture, but i just had to show you this as its amazing!

Benefit is a brand that I'm always going to but recently i have been absolutely loving their products. They really know how to hit it when making products. i just want to buy everything. must resist the urge. Recently, brows have been my favourite feature to do in my makeup routine and i can spend up to 20 minutes on them. Although, i hate plucking them as it really hurts. such a baby. When i heard about the release of Gimme Brow, i was sold. The name, the fact that its Benefit and that fact that its a brow product. It was already mine and it wasn't out in the UK (apart from online). I went and bought it straight away

Lets start with the infamous cute Benefit packaging. Oh my goodness. It is so cute i can't contain myself. I had seen images floating around the interwebz of this, but my gosh it is so much more better in person. Benefit really know how to break it down with all of their packaging. Now onto the amazing product itself. I fricking love it. There are no words. It looks super natural, so no one will even guess you've got it on -unless they have super brow powers-, Its not going to rub off or smudge at all and the best part is your brows literally don't move an inch when its on. Ah-mazing. What more could you need. The only thing that I'm not keen on is the smell. Kinda reminds of some medicine I've had to take. but I'm not sure how many people will be sniffing your eyebrows..... or the product itself. tried to get my brother to this and he just looked at me like i was really weird.... I couldn't get over how tiny the brush was. I think its a pretty similar size to my non existent little fingers nail. I wasn't sure it would work, but boy oh boy it sure does. It literally coats ever hair in your brows and just makes them look amazing. I think i have found my new favourite brow product. I like my brows quite filled in, so i will certainly be using this in conjunction with my browzings palette, also from the wonderful Benefit. I think they would work perfectly together, but for the lazier days, I'm certainly going to be using this on its own. 

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