Sunday, 2 February 2014

Beautygram #1

Short and snappy post from me today. A bit of a bad week, so this post will be very short, but i thought i would show you some snaps from my new instagram account. I set it up as i didn't want to annoy all of my friends and family who follow me on my other account which is now mainly pictures of my dogs. I love taking pictures of makeup and it just makes me soooo happy and giddy.

Also at 500 followers and 100 Youtube subscribers, ones of you lovely lucky people will be in the chance on winning the new Narsissist palette. I bought myself one, obvs, and i had it shipped from america as I'm impatient, so i have bought it with my own money. So if you haven't checked out my Youtube channel, i will link it here. I upload a video every sunday at 6.30 on the dot.

My new instagram account is -
Personal account -

Also a massive thank you to everyone who follows me on bloglovin, but it doesn't work for my blog, so you won't be kept up to date with any new posts.....
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