Thursday, 27 February 2014

High-End Beauty Wishlist

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all well. Today i thought i would write a beauty wish list post. This isn't a good thing to post when you really want everything on it! Good job i have no money. Anyway, i didn't want to write another review, so i thought this would be a good alternative and i love making wish lists so much and reading other peoples beauty wish lists. However, they do tend to do some damage to the overdraft. Ive done a high-end one today, but am certainly going to do a drugstore one as the next one in the chapter, i guess you could say. So lets get started...

1. I have been loving my brows at the moment and filling them and just everything about them. I saw Alix from icovetthee use this and just knew that i needed it. I went straight onto cult beauty and saw that they it was out of stock, so of course i just had to be notified when it was back in stock. 2 weeks later i got the e-mail and just didnt go and buy it. Maybe it is a sign? hope not, i don't like signs. It is £15 and i don't think that i bad at all, considering you hardly need any of the product, i think it would last a really long time. One day, i shall own in this in the not so fear future hopefully....

2. MAC is a brand that i go to for everything. I have only got one of their eyeshadows bases in soft ochre, but i really want a deep brown one. Shimmer is a yes and i think matte brown would look a tad scary for the day, but a subtle shimmer is certainly more wearable in my eyes. MAC Constructivist or Indian Wood, look amazing and i really want to give them a go. For £15 they certainly last ages. I have had Soft Ochre for over a year and it is still going strong. I am so close to finishing my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On & On Bronze and would love to find some great alternatives, so any recommendations are certainly welcome.

3. NARS Ita brush. Words can't describe how much i want this. I can't find anywhere online apart from this website that does the brush. I have no idea whether it was limited edition, but after seeing Lauren from Lauren Curtis on youtube use it. you will be watching her videos for hours now.  I was sold. I think this could quite possibly be the perfect contouring brush and i love my contouring. It retails for £26 i think, however, on the website linked above it says its retails at £55 sayy whhhaaaaaaaa. Possibly justifiable to some, perhaps not to others, but for me YES.

4. Would you believe i don't own the MAC 217. I don't need to explain this brush much, but i am still in shock i haven't ever bought it. what is wrong with me. 

5. The same goes for the MAC 239. The most essential brush alongside the 217 of course.

6. I have heard a lot of people recently talk about the Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks. I have never tried anything from Bobbi Brown and i really want to. I first saw these from the ever so lovely Hannah. She did a video on them and i was just amazed by them. I don't know whether they would be suitable for dry skin, but mixed in with a little moisturiser could be a different story. They are £28 which for Bobbi Brown isn't that bad, as i was expecting around the £38 mark.

7. Illamasqua is a brand I've never tried before and i really want, i just don't know where to start. I think their pigments are a great starting point, plus I've never used a pigment before and they really amaze me. I'm am so easily pleased its quite ridiculous. A lot of people have talked about their pigment in Ore. I want it. I think i may wait until they have another one of their incredible sales and pick it up then. I don't think it will be for a while though *sad face*. 

8. Heaven is right here. MAC Nocturnals Pigments aren't available anymore so i can't even link to them or anything, but oh my goodness. Zoe not me haahaha has done a review on blog about them on her amazing blog, so you can gasp over them at her blog.  I mean theres heaven for normal people and then this is my heaven. I just want to buy these and look at them. I have found an amazon seller selling some of these, but again money is an issue so i can't buy them. One day maybe one day. theres not limit to how much gold, bronze and bronze eyesahdows you can have right???.....

9. YSL lipsticks. An art piece. I just want loads of these an to then make art from them. Exquisite packaging and amazing product inside of course. I have the infamous Peach Passion and i love it. I don't tend to wear it, as it is too pink for my liking. looks like barbie pink on my lips. They are amazing though and i think most people will agree that the packaging is just insane. These are £25, so not the cheapest lipstick, but you make up for it with the packaging and the product.

10. Tom Ford. What more can i say about this genus mac, fashion or makeup. Beauitful clothes, beautiful makeup. Of course, i would get the Golden Mink palette , because its gold and neutrals duhhhhhh. I have 2 lipsticks and again both packaging and product are just out of this world. I would love to try an eye quad and see how they compare to my Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette looks much nicer in person and in a video format..... Now these don't come cheap as they are Tom Ford and £62 i wasn't expecting that WOAH, but this is more of a splurge item i think. better start saving or get a job or just dream. yeah just dream.

11. I didnt even know these existed until Gabby from Velvet Ghost .new favourite youtuber alert. did a video on them. Now i want them. thanks gabby, you make me want to buy everything-.  You guessed the shade yes its gold and called Meteore or Comet or both. Its beautiful and what makes it worse is the CD embossed on to it, makes me want it so much more. I have swatted these and oh my gosh. Words can't describe it. So creamy, pigmented and just god damn amazing and the packaging looks amazing and gahhhhh. At £23.50, these don't come cheap -as does nothing in this blogpost- but they are just so pretty and calling my name.

12. I feel this one is quite random, but I've wanted the Stila One Step Correct Colour Corrector - never knew boots stocked stila - for so long now, its crazy. I first saw the lovely Gemma from Gemsmaquillage used it years ago in a video with glossybox -i think- and it just really intrigued me. I was so amazed by the 3 colours and the fact they were swirled around -see very easily pleased-. I am all for colour correcting products and anything to get rid of the redness in my skin always grabs my attention, but this just looks amazing and i really want to put it on my face. I have never tried anything from Stila and this looks like a great place to start. Its £24, but if it actually works then why the hell not.

13. Last but certainly not least another Stila product. This is the Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeshadow (with primer). To me, these looks so intriguing and look really good in videos i have seen them in. Guess what colour i want them in. Comex Copper and Comex Gold. i feel my gold, bronze, neutral obsession has gone to far now. WOWZA, these are not cheap or even remotely affordable. £33.50. I was not expecting that at all, but for some glitter and primer, i don't even think that is justifiable. I'm saying this, but i bet you i will buy some one day. Cray would be an understatement.

Anyway, i hope you enjoyed this post. I do really want to go shopping now but i shall resist. March is a spending ban for me. I certainly need it thats for sure. My giveaway is also starting soon, i just need to film the video to go alongside it and it will be here very soon. Super excited as its my first one!!! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Zoe xxx

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you are all well! Today, i thought i would write another fashion post. This is my second one now and i really enjoy creating and styling looks maybe because i can't style myself?? I wanted to do a chic yet casual look today. I like keeping outfits simple, but effective. I think this is so chic and very fashion forward in my eyes, but obviously everyones opinions are different and this is something that i would wear myself if i have the confidence and wasn't such a hermit crab

1. The Coat.  This coat is beautiful. It's actually from Oasis. I didn't realise they were still around as my local one closed down a fair few years ago now. However, this beautiful tuxedo oversized coat is so timeless, effortless and chic. I love this and would love one, but I would look like a sack of potatoes if I did. Not the best look. It's very in fashion right now, regarding the style, but not necessarily to the colour, but you simply can not go wrong with a beige and black trimmed coat. 

2. The Jumper. Knitwear is my favourite at the moment. I could spend everyday in it. Well I kinda do actually. I love the colour of this jumper, I think it's so unusual. It is almost a brown raspberry colour, but I like it. It looks oversized, which for me, is also a big ding ding ding gold star award. This is from hm which I never go into, but I definetley need to go there more, as they do have some good gems hidden around. 

3. The Jeans. I love grey jeans. Even though I don't own a pair, I love the way they look and they are so easy to style. They go with pretty much every colour. You can dress them up or down and really make them look so nice. These ones are from mango p, but I found them on the John Lewis website for half price. It's a sign. 

4. The Sunglasses. Oh. My. God. I have no words. Of course these beauty's are cheap and being Chanel, I wouldn't expect them to be. I love these. I most probably wouldn't suit these but they look incredible, I really couldn't care less. I won't be buying them anytime soon or I the future unfortunately. 

5. The Hat. I love hats, but they just don't really look good on my. I think it's because my head is a weird shape and also I feel they look better on longer hair then shorter hair. I really like this one as it's black, so is very versatile and also it's oversized. Do you see a theme here....I believe it's limited edition from River Island, so if you like what you see, go grab before it's gone!

6. The Shoes.  I can't express my love for converse. I just love them. Of course, you can also where boots with this look of whatever shoes you want, but converse would be my pick as they are so god damn comfortable. 

7. The Clutch. My eyes are in heaven. Whistles isn't a brand I've ever bought anything from before, but ohhh I want to buy this now. I didn't realise it's got a textured size to the back which is monochrome which is amazing as of course, it goes with everything this way. It's not exactly cheap, but I feel this would last a long time and go with everything in anyone's wardrobe. 

So I hope you liked this post. I love doing these now and will definetley be doing perhaps 2 a weeks. ,aye a more casual one and then a more dressy one. Let me know what ether you would wear this and what you would buy from it! 

See you tomorrow, I'm on such a roll with writing a post a day, I love it!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

304 Ruby Opera
401 Fuchsia Dream
Recently, L'oreal is a brand that has been having some incredible launches. I love the glossy stain esque lip products, the Miss Manga mascara and now these. These 2 lips products are the L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche. I think these are relatively new products, but boy oh boy, I'm one impressed Zoe. 

I got 2 shades, because well, 1 wasn't enough to crave my satisfaction. When buying these and everything I've bought recently, I've been in one of the moods to go crazy in both Superdrug and Boots. If i don't satisfy this crave, then it will only get worse where i just go absolutely bonkers. I was nearly at that stage and i don't even want to admit about how much i spent on makeup. Its obscured and also a tad scary. Also something which is totally weird. I got a pink. I never get pink. What is this. And the weirder thing is. I kinda like it. shhh i never said that. I am not a big lover of pink regardless, besides my fluro filofax, pink is just a colour, especially within lipsticks and makeup generally, that i don't feel i can pull of and it absolutely terrifies me, but this one, i can't deal with. Fuchsia Dream 401 is a really nice, almost purply pink with blue undertones. I am actually excited to wear this in summer and in spring as i think its the perfect colour. On the other hand, 304 Ruby Opera, is more of a winter dark red-brown colour. looks nicer then I'm making it sound hahaha. I think you could still wear this in the summer, but it is just not your typical summer colour. I really like the formula of these and they taste insane and smell insane. I always thought people were a bit odd for saying lipstick taste nice, but i understand why now. Im not normally a lipstick eater, but these are so yummy. i don't sit here and eat these by the way...... They aren't sticky at all and are so pigmented, you would not believe it. In regards to lasting power, i would say they last around 4-5 hours. However, if you want the colour to stay pigmented, i would recommend toping up after you've eaten or drunk, because they are so glossy, they will kids rub away. They are priced at £8.99 each, but i believe boots have 3 for 2 on at the moment, so its a perfect excuse. why do they always do this, after I've gone crazy makeup shopping? sign to buy some more? no zoe NO

Overall, these are amazing and along with the 2394 other lip products i own, i can't wait to use them and wear the pink shade. Somewhat excited, which is weird for me and for the pink i feel. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you missed it, i uploaded a makeup tutorial on my youtube, so i will link it here, if you want to check that out! Have a good week guys :) xxxx

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Gold Glitter

Yesterday i uploaded my first makeup tutorial-ish kinda video. I was soooo excited to film it and it was such a 'spur of the moment' kinda thing. It turned out just how i wanted it to aswell, which is always a bonus. To make the look i used my favourite palette at the moment, which is the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita quad. I am not going to go to much into it, as this palette deserves its own post as its just that amazing. I also used some new products that I've not even tried out before and they worked super well and am thoroughly impressed. 

I don't want to go to much into as the video explains better then i can write it. It could be a tutorial or just a normal video, so its whatever you make of it really, but i love it and i feel its a good mixture of high-end and drugstore products which is always a bonus i think.

If you haven't noticed then I've been blogging everyday for the past couple of days and have loved it. Its been challenging at times, but who doesn't love a good challenge. I want to see how long i can carry it on for as its made me remember how much i do love blogging and why i started my blog - to write more regardless of whether it makes sense or not. I also want to start incorporating some more lifestyle posts and fashion posts. I did a fashion post during the week and loved coming up with the idea of it. Its not your typical fashion post, but whilst I'm not comfortable doing ootd's, i feel they are a good substitute. Also i think sundays are now going to be like life update posts from now up. Like a review, but of my week, life, updates, issues, you get the just. 

Anyway, i have left the link to the video below. I hope you enjoy it and also please don't forget to hit subscribe if you want to see more and leave some video requests aswell! Also i am giving away a Narsissist palette when I'm at 100 youtube subscribers and 500 GFC followers (bloglovin doesn't work with my blog) so please follow and subscribe if you would like a chance to win. Unfortunaly, i can't buy one for every single one of you, but if i could, i definitely would! I hope you enjoyed this like half and half post. They won't all be like this i promise haha :) xxxx


Saturday, 22 February 2014


I thought i would start doing something a bit different and do some fashiony post. Considering i actually study fashion and textiles at uni, you think i would have a fashion post, but i don't. Not sure why, apart from the fact, i have the most boringest style ever. I think you would get bored of jeans, uggs and a jumper everyday. but my oh my are they comfy

I used to do these posts a lot and they always had a good response, soooooo i thought i would start them up again. I wanted to start one of with an item that I'm currently sporting right now. The Jumper. Oh. My. God. This is the comfiest thing I've ever worn in my entire life. besides my giraffe onesie. I love it, from the colour, the fact that its knitwear and its jut so bloody comfortable. It actually has a zip running from the top to the bottom at the back, but you can't even tell its there. I actually picked this up yesterday and i liked it so much, i bought 2. This gorgeous mint green I'm actually blending in with my walls and a nice deep red. In my eyes, this is the perfect winter jumper. So cosy and thick and ahhh just amazing. I paired it with a simple skater skirt, because i wanted this look to be girly, but not overly girly. I would love to wear an outfit like this, butttttttttt i don't. body issues. I don't think you can go wrong with a simple black skater skirt. You can pair it with anything and it works! Zara really knows how to work it with the jewellery. I mean, come on, this necklace is just amazing. I couldn't resist adding one. I couldn't find this one on the website, but this alternative is absolutely ah-mazing. This beautiful pastel yellow bag is just breath taking. I saw it in Topshop during the week and oh my god. Literally its amazing. I really really want to buy it, but i just don't know what colour. I love it and I'm not normally one for small bags, but this is an exception! You can't go wrong with a simple pair of converse. I haven't worn mine since summer and i miss them so much. Definitely going to have to dig them out and start wearing them again!

Ahh its done! I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know whether you think i should carry them on or not i like the truth

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow

First off, i apologise for looking not my best in this picture, but i just had to show you this as its amazing!

Benefit is a brand that I'm always going to but recently i have been absolutely loving their products. They really know how to hit it when making products. i just want to buy everything. must resist the urge. Recently, brows have been my favourite feature to do in my makeup routine and i can spend up to 20 minutes on them. Although, i hate plucking them as it really hurts. such a baby. When i heard about the release of Gimme Brow, i was sold. The name, the fact that its Benefit and that fact that its a brow product. It was already mine and it wasn't out in the UK (apart from online). I went and bought it straight away

Lets start with the infamous cute Benefit packaging. Oh my goodness. It is so cute i can't contain myself. I had seen images floating around the interwebz of this, but my gosh it is so much more better in person. Benefit really know how to break it down with all of their packaging. Now onto the amazing product itself. I fricking love it. There are no words. It looks super natural, so no one will even guess you've got it on -unless they have super brow powers-, Its not going to rub off or smudge at all and the best part is your brows literally don't move an inch when its on. Ah-mazing. What more could you need. The only thing that I'm not keen on is the smell. Kinda reminds of some medicine I've had to take. but I'm not sure how many people will be sniffing your eyebrows..... or the product itself. tried to get my brother to this and he just looked at me like i was really weird.... I couldn't get over how tiny the brush was. I think its a pretty similar size to my non existent little fingers nail. I wasn't sure it would work, but boy oh boy it sure does. It literally coats ever hair in your brows and just makes them look amazing. I think i have found my new favourite brow product. I like my brows quite filled in, so i will certainly be using this in conjunction with my browzings palette, also from the wonderful Benefit. I think they would work perfectly together, but for the lazier days, I'm certainly going to be using this on its own. 

NARS One Night Stand Palette

Ohhhh i am so excited to have this little beauty in my life. I kinda missed the whole hype when it first came out and truth be told, i didn't have £45 to spend on it. food was kinda more important at that stage. I was searching high and low for the Narsissist palette, but when i stumbled across this is just magically made its what into the basket. isn't it annoying when that happens? haha. It did take a while for it to come, as it was ordered directly of the NARS website, but it makes it that more exciting when it arrives in the post! I'm not  blush person, as i naturally have red cheeks anyway but this palette could just convert me into a blush fanatic. I don't think its still available, but Sleek do some blushers which are exactly the same, just a quarter of the price and having tried some myself, Sleek know how to make a blush or 2.

I had seen so many people rave about it, so i automatically had high hopes for it and boy, this little beaut has done the job of being a winner. nars in general is always a winner though. I wasn't originally going to buy the palette as its not exactly on the cheap side, but my laguna is on its last legs and it is literally the best and my favourite bronzer ever, so instead of spending £25 on one, i could get 6 for £45. If i were to buy 6 individually they would be over £100 and i don't  have that type of money to spend on 6 cheek products. Correct me if I'm wrong, but i also am led to believe that devotee is a limited edition colour??? i could be wrong on that one.

Devotee is a more pinker highlighter then Albatross, but i think its also got more glitter in it. Its not so shimmery, but more glittery if that makes sense. I reckon it would look amazing in the evening. I have yet to try and wear this as i don't particularly think its day time appropriate for myself, but i can't wait to wear it.

Laguna is just bloody amazing. I am not going to go into too much details, but its a bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer running through it, but it doesn't show at all when applied to the cheeks. I love this for contouring and my far it is my favourite. I think its fairly sheer, but it certainly buildable, just go steady with the amount you put on. I've seen someone use it and have orange strips across their cheeks. not the best look in my opinion.

Mistinguette. WOW. This automatically scares the life out of me. However, these blushes are the best if you want to look like you've got a rosy glow. They actually look amazing on the skin and especially darker skin tones. I had a blush similar to this, but from Sleek and with a very very light hand, it can look amazing!

Orgasm is one I've always wanted to try, but i never have. I love this. Im not a fan of shimmer or glitter in blushers, but this is just amazing it can be allowed. The perfect rose gold colour and i reckon this would look insane with a tan. Cant wait to try it when the sun comes out. please come out soon mr. sun.

Deepthroat is fairly similar to orgasm, but its not as shimmer orientated. I would say its a tad darker and also less shimmer. Similar corally, rose gold colour, but just less shimmer. I think this would look amazing for everyday use. Im not a blush kinda gal, but this blush could just convert me.

Goulue in my eyes is the perfect winter blush. The most gorgeous plum colour. It looks amazing on the cheeks and really adds a pop of colour. Makes you look like you've just been for a run and come back all glowing and rosy. not sweaty though. 

I don't think its still available, but Sleek do some blushers which are exactly the same, just a quarter of the price and having tried some myself, Sleek know how to make a blush or 2.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cookie Monster - FAIL

Just call me a super blogger. The cookies are actually in the oven as we speak. keen bean is my name. I have been loving baking at the moment- not cooking, baking. i hate cooking. apart from lasagne. I made cookies last week with my wonderful chummy cousin and boy we did good. We both agreed that the best type of cookies aren't the cakey ones and although ours turned out slightly cakey, they were still bloody delicious and were eaten within the day. maybe the hour......

I watch a youtube channel called How To Cook That. omg guys, if you like sweet things, then you need to check this one out. or just watching people cook. YOU WILL WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING!! She recently made cookies and boy they looked good. I thought, you know what, I'm craving cookies. Im going to bake. So i woke up at 6AM thanks dad for being so loud this morning- went to Sainsburies at 9.30ish and was in and out like a really fast thing -whats really fast??? a crocodile in water YES favourite animals- I had most of the ingredients here so only need to pick up chocolate and flour. Nice and simple and cheap. I found it bizarre and still am finding it weird that you don't need eggs for this recipe, but we shall see what they taste like when they are done. you know when the smells start leaking from the oven, i just got a whiff and ohhhhh I'm excited, smells like nice stuff. wide range of vocabulary being used today hahaha. 

Right 1 hour later and I've just taken them out of the oven. My word of advice, don't make these if your not a pro cooker. They were nice - only managed to eat half of one- very hard and greasy and not chewy at all. Arghh damn it, maybe i shouldn't stick to internet recipes as they always go wrong. From the picture, i don't think i even need to explain them as I'm pretty sure you can see. I was really excited to do a cooking post, but I'm not too sure it will be happening again anytime soon. possibly in the near future, very far away future.... If i was going to bake cookies again, i would follow the receipe from the last time, as they didn't look like cowpats and weren't like rocks to eat. Im surprised i still have teeth left after that. I think i may do a recipe on those ones, but not anytime soon, maybe in easter -uni works calling......

Monday, 17 February 2014


I was deprived of the childhood days spent in IKEA back in the 90's, early 00's. I think its become a bigger thing recently, well for me as everyone i know, seems to be going there and it always made me jealous. my parents said i had been before, but i can't remember it, so if you don't remember it, it doesn't happen - right? I made a little Sunday trip to Southamptons IKEA a couple weeks ago with my Dad and Sister and i was in heaven. As soon as we drive up the spiral car lift ramp thing, i was in ore. those spiral things actually scare me, like how do you drive round them? Anyway, having been deprived of those infamous meatballs which we didn't get to eat as the queue was ridiculously busy, we had a bloody good nose around. Originally my sister went to look at beds and what not, but she only picked up a bin. I know, very adventurous, she really pushed the boat of there. However, i picked up a tad more. I was lucky enough that my dad was paying so I literally just put anything in the bag that i liked. note to self - shopping with dad is so much more easier with mum.

First of, i picked up a very handy laptop tray/ dinner tray. My laptop always over heats and i never learn my lesson. naughty zoe. This was around £8 i believe or £15, but thats pretty expensive for a bit of wood...... This is so handy and actually folds, but thats in the video if you want to see it, so you should watch it and then subscribe pleeeaaasseeeeeeeee *big cheesy grin*

I bought 100 tea lights, because well i also bought a really tricking cute lantern and of course i needed some lights to put in it, so yeah. tea lights. The lantern is so cute and i definitely want to but more and maybe get some bigger ones that they do. They are also soooooo cheap i was amazed, they were £2! Can you believe it! I can't! wow, so many exclamations points, i can't contain my excitement.

I also bought 2 small mason jars, because i wanted to use of them as like a jar for beauty products or maybe like a treat jar, then also one of them i want to put memorable things that have happened throughout the year in, so i can look at them and remember the year. I think these were like £1.50, so when i finish uni and move back home, i am certainly buying a lot of these babies. i also got a ikea family card, not sure why as i rarely go there, but anyone know what they do? i don't....

I also bought a butter dish. yeahhhhhhhh

As soon as we walked in i could smell the most amazing thing ever. It was just like cake and i needed it. The Tindra candle is amazing and everyone needs it. It was only a £1 too, which of course, i couldn't resist. deffs go smell it if your near an IKEA, I'm not the best at describing things.

Finally, i picked up a duvet. Now i love the design on this, but my god, its bloody massive. At first i thought i picked up the wrong size, but then my sister told me that Dad had told my sister that IKEA diver covers are huge and told her not to tell me. Brilliant. Thanks guys.


Saturday, 15 February 2014

January Haul - Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Nars & Fujifilm

So, this post is a little bit late. I have no excuse, but if i was going to use one it would be that i had to hand in my dissertation yesterday -i know, best valentines gift ever for a singleton like myself-. This was meant to be posted last Sunday, so its only 6 days late. better then a week. sounds so much more longer then 7 days..... I also have a video with this, which goes into more details, but because I'm an a grade idiot, i forgot to include the Nars product, so that shall be included in my next haul. let me tell you know, its going to be bloody long. I don't want to go into a full review on all of these, but let me just say that i love them all. Literally! There are no words and they are just all amazing and words can't justify how amazing they are. Neither can the video, so my advice is to go buy them. if you don't like them, then thats not my fault. your weird. I think its safe to say that I'm obsessed with them. This doesn't at all relate to the post, but why do some white vans have that spiny thing on their roof? Theres one in my neighbours drive and its baffled me. 

Anyway yes, back to makeup and not cars. I am going  to do separate reviews on all of them, so keep your little beady eyes open for them. Ive got a hand-in for uni work, on Tuesday, then I'm into my final project -shitting myself- so there should be more posts up, but if not then i will try my bestest - i promise-. I have linked the video below for you to watch and please please subscribe if you like it, i have another video going up Sunday and am doing a giveaway of a sneaky NARS product, when i get to 500 bloggy followers (not bloglovin as it doesn't work with my blog, so GFC) and 100 youtuby subscribers. Love ya loads if you do - if you don't then you suck-


Friday, 14 February 2014

Uni - Get Ready With Me

I was meant to post this ages, but naughty Zoe forget to do it. I apologise for it being so let, but here it is anyway.

E45 Cream
MAC Face & Body - C2

Maybelline Anti Age Rewind Eraser Concealer - Light
Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On and On Bronze
HD Brows
Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara
MAC MSF Natural - Light Plus
Benefit Fine One One
Rimmel Apocalips - Luna

Crazy Curly Hair - My Own


Thursday, 6 February 2014

MAC Face and Body & MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Holly & Katie, im not sorry for featuring you on this post. 

First of. Apologies that there are no product pictures. I have left both of them at home and unfortunately, i can't teleport them to me at uni. Annoyed isn't the word right now.

It has certainly been a long time since a post of the blog which actually contains a form of writing, not just a quick hi, bye. at least i will try and make it a bit longer. This certainly does not relate to the post at all, but I've finished my dissertation! Hallelujah, praise the lords, whatever you want to say, its done. Apart from spell check, but isn't that what getting your dad to proof read it for? YES. I can't spell for the life of me, so sorry padre. yes i call my dad padre, and a variety of other names, which shan't be said, as I'm am sure one wouldn't like that. p -dawg.... 

Rightyo then. A review. Goodness gracious me. It has been a bloody long time since i sat down and wrote one of these. Any, on todays agenda. 2 products with 1 purpose. The face. My first MAC foundation was absolutely shocking. I can't remember the name of it, but yeah, worst foundation I've ever tried for dry skin AND they even recommend it to me for dry skin. Sorry, but that thing was cling central. Just take a left and there you were. Literally. my face looked like a cheese straw when all the pastry flakes of. why do i always refer my face to pastry? i like cheese straws. i want one now. I had heard a lot about the MAC Face and Body foundation and had been researching it a lot typical blogger, before i spent £24 or so on something. I read Georgina's blogpost and i knew it was going to be a good'un. I think we have similar skin tones and skin types, so i just assumed it would be amazing. I would have to agree with her, that yes, it is splendiferous. It is a nice coverage and certainly build able and as the name suggests, you can use it on the body too. Although, I'm not too sure i will be. I wore this to a friends 21st birthday hence the really weird/slightly intoxicated pictures and this lasted all evening. Not once did i have to even powder over it. I was seriously impressed and i put my makeup on at around 5pm and didn't take it of until 2am, so it lasted a bloody long time. Seriously, if you've got dry skin and want a foundation with no spf, which also lasts, then this is the one. I would 13450350% recommend this and it certainly is my new favourite foundation. I haven't been wearing foundation and then this came along and i found myself applying a full face of semi-natural makeup in the morning, but it looks so natural thats it is just bloody brilliant. in my head when i say  bloody brilliant, i say it in an accent, possibly liverpool. go on try it. 

Next up is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, i have also previously owned this, but in the wrong shade, which makes everything wrong and i hated it. Now I've got it in Light Plus it is perfect. Theres not to much i can say about this, apart from this and the foundation = a dewy, flawless baby was born on your face. I'm being serious. It is expensive at £22 and when i first bought it, it was £17 or £18, but icuramba, its certainly gone up in price since 2011. Mind you, i think all MAC products have. This powder, would be amazing over any foundation and i think its got a light coverage, so it does add a little bit more coverage when you apply, but not so much that you look like you've got a cake on your face. 

If your stuck in a rut I've always wanted to say that and not sure whether to get them, i would 123455433% recommend them. I would get colour matched in a MAC store, as i guessed and i got C2, which is fine, a tad dark, but i blend it in loads, but the colour system isn't like NC20 or NW15, its a bit different, so definitely go and ask, but yes, you do need it. 

Also, I'm going to be giving away the news narcissist eye palette to one of you lovely followers, but i really really want to get to 500 GFC followers ad 100 YT subscribers first. I would really love it if you could follow on both. My youtube is I upload new videos every sunday at 6.30pm on the dot. Also my new instagram is

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Beautygram #1

Short and snappy post from me today. A bit of a bad week, so this post will be very short, but i thought i would show you some snaps from my new instagram account. I set it up as i didn't want to annoy all of my friends and family who follow me on my other account which is now mainly pictures of my dogs. I love taking pictures of makeup and it just makes me soooo happy and giddy.

Also at 500 followers and 100 Youtube subscribers, ones of you lovely lucky people will be in the chance on winning the new Narsissist palette. I bought myself one, obvs, and i had it shipped from america as I'm impatient, so i have bought it with my own money. So if you haven't checked out my Youtube channel, i will link it here. I upload a video every sunday at 6.30 on the dot.

My new instagram account is -
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Also a massive thank you to everyone who follows me on bloglovin, but it doesn't work for my blog, so you won't be kept up to date with any new posts.....
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