Monday, 6 January 2014

Winter Skincare Routine

Skincare as always been a very touchy topic to me. To be honest, before Christmas i did it little one not so often. I know thats bad, but the products i had, i wasn't happy with and i was just too lazy. Having a bedroom in a freezing cold student house with a bathroom upstairs, means embracing the antarctic weathers. Not happening.

Although i do like quite a harsh and less creamy exfoliator, this one is does the job for when i need to buff away my dead skin cells. I don't use this every evening as i don't feel i need to, but once a week or depending on  how my skin is. 

Anyway, after i got sent a sample of the La Roche Posay effaclaur duo - love freebies from online and how an earth do you spell effaclaur? i found my new love and I've pretty much used it every day since. My ThisWorks cleansing water has just run out and i forgot how amazing it is. Words can't describe my love for it at all. Its just amazing. 

I also rekindled love with my trusty Liz Earle Tonic Water. I don't know what a tonic water does, probably should, but it feels nice on my skin, oh so soft and smooth. not like a babys bum. weird. This stuff is just the bees knees and i love it and it doesn't sting my eyes which is very good, considering i pour way to much out.

I had never tried Origins before and i decided that this should be the first product i tried. Not to sure why, but i was clearly feeling rebellious. I don't feel like it does anything immediately to the skin, but it does almost exfoliate my skin quite well. I am not too sure whether it brightens my skin, but its certainly got that acid feeling in it. 

The La Roche Posay physiological cleansing milk, is by far the easiest cleanser ever. I mean talk about being lazy, i don't even take it off. This is what the instructions say, or i just can't read, but i pretty sure you don't have too.

The E45 and Nivea moisturiser are my little pots of heaven. I LOVE these so much. I normally use a Nuxe moisturiser but as i student, i would rather spend £35 on food or have to spend it on sketchbooks. Clearly i lead a thrilling life, sketchbooks over moisturiser only lasts for 3 more months.

I am sure you know what the Hydraluron does and how good it is and that is ridiculously expensive, but i have certainly seen a massive difference within my skin since using this. No more flaky bits that look like puff pastry with it crumbles. 

I did a video also on my skincare routine, so i shall leave it below. I think I've covered everything, but I've probably forgotten something. Definetley have. 



  1. Great post! I really want to try Origins I've heard so many great things about their products

    1. its certainly lived up to its expectations! xxx

  2. I have a few samples of La Roche Posay (different products) and I find that the moisturisers last all day which is good! I'm following you now as well :) x

    1. ohh will have to give them a try then! thank youuu :) xx

  3. God winter is a bitch for the skin, ay? E45 is a lifesaver haha - and I am loving Simple's range at the moment!

    Thank you for sending me your blog link in the chat on sunday :) I have now followed you on Bloglovin' and can't wait to read more!

    If you fancy a peek I'm over at - I'm hoping this is the year I start to get my big following (fingers and toes crossed!)

    Vicky xx

  4. La Roche Posay is a lovely brand, I'd like to give some more of their products a try this year.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing


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