Monday, 27 January 2014

January Favourites

What!! Where the hell has January gone?!? This is why i keep saying its nearly christmas. okay, its 11 months away but seeing as january has gone so quick it will be here soon, better start going shopping. I don't know about you but for me January has been an okay month, not too frightful or scary or eventful, I've had a few low moments, but I've also had some amazing times to make up for it. Anyway, i thought i would do my January favourites. Its mainly make up - obviously, what else would it be?!? I have a few skincare bits in there as well. This was my first favourites video on my youtube channel and i really enjoyed filming it. So lets get started…

La Roche Posay Physiological Cleanser is possibly the best thing I've ever used on my face. besides, the effacluar duo and my trusty nuxe moisturiser. I am like the laziest person with skincare - I'm sorry skin, shot me - but I've really got into it since christmas and I've been loving, my only regret is not doing it earlier. When i first bought this product, i hated it, literally hated it. Then when i found out you didn't have to wash it off, it was the best thing ever. I couldn't recommend it enough if your lazy like me and have the most driest and sensitive skin on the face of the earth.

La Roche Posay Effacluar duo is also one of the most amazing products ever. I won't go to in to it and i want to do an in depth review of it, but all I'm saying is that if you like me, have lots of those stupid annoying tiny bumps under your skin - seriously what is the point in them, they are so good damn pointless and annoying - then you need this bad boy in your life.

My favourite skincare saviour for winter would have to be E45. My oh my, my skin would look like crusty puff pastry if this wasn't around. its disgusting, i may aswell just be a massive cheese straw thats been crushed. Ive only just started using it and it makes the biggest difference, i don't know why i wasn't using it before. It so cheap as well for a big tub, if you've got dry skin and you don't use it, get it. I use it after before i put my moisturiser on, or sometimes if I'm feeling a bit like George and want to make some marvellous medicine then i just make a concoction of this and my moisturiser. Works a treat.

Eyebrows are my thing at the moment and i bloody love them. I got my HD brows kit when i used to get the Glossybox. At first, i didn't like this product, but since last year, my eyebrows have become the most important thing in my makeup routine. I live by the quote 'don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you what to do'. Possibly the best quote ever and i know ALOT of people with horrible eyebrows. Not nice. Personally, i like thick and bushy eyebrows, but i have had my fair share of thin, hideous eyebrows, but at the end of the day, its what ever suits you and your face of course. I use the shade medium blonde and although it looked quite like, its good when i want a natural finish, instead of a scouse brow. for some reason, i like that look. I use it along with my MAC 266 brush and this is the best eyebrow brush I've ever tried. its also the only eyebrow brush I've ever tried, bit bias but it is so true. Its the right thickness, size - just bloody brilliant.

I have a difficult time finding mascaras that i really like and work. I have really stubborn eyelashes and its annoying to say the least. I love curling them and should most probably invest in some good ones, but these ones I've got from boots, work like magic and do the trick, so i can complain. I find they really make the curl stay and help to open up my eyes. Of course this is also down to the mascara and i use the L'oreal 4x voluminous mascara. Ive had this longer then i should - yolo, not following the mascara rules - and it still works. You get ALOT of product on the brush, which I'm not really a fan of, but for some reason, i kinda like it with this mascara. It gives me great length and volume and i don't think it clumps at all. In my eyes, perfecto.

The No.7 Brow gel is amazing, although its a tad discould - tad would be an understatement, this thing used to be clear - its the best brow gel I've tried, I'm currently trying the maybelline brow drama and well, if you want cement to make your brows stay in place then use this. i like have crispy brows, but this takes it too another level. separate blog post coming soon. I really do need to repurchas
e it as it so cheap, especially when boots have their offer on No.7. Amazeballs.

Last but certainly not least is the little beauty which is the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. There are just no worlds for how much i love this thing. Ive literally only just hit pan on it and although its starting to dry up - i certainly will be repurchasing this bad boy - its so easy and simple to use, i think my dogs could apply it.

My january favourites are there for you. I hope you enjoyed it, i promise next month to include other stuff which isn't just makeup and skincare. Maybe something else, who knows. I will leave the video below so you can watch that aswell if you fancy :) video is taking about 6000 minutes to upload. brilliant. will let you know when its up, in the mean time check out my new instagram - & my twitter for my blog is now



  1. Such lovely products, i really need to try the efficlar duo, but i want to try the + version now
    loving your blog

    1. ohh yes, I've heard about that version, sounds amazing, can't wait to give it ago when this one runs out :) thank youuu :) xx

  2. Really lovely blog, I love the post I'm a massive E45 fan too, such a life saver! xx

  3. Completely agree with you - where has January gone? E45 is certainly a beauty must; such a great product. You're right, people do tend to forget or spend little time on their eyebrows - love the quote!

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. its the best quote ever haha, i looked back on old pictures of myself the other day and was like, where are my eyebrows? not a good look haha xx

  4. Nice blog! You have a new follower :) I'm a fellow 3rd year uni student & dog lover. Please check out my blog & follow if how like it. I'm also a makeup artist, so my blog is mostly beauty :p

    1. aww thank you! agh hope your 3rd year is going well. I'm so stressed out haha. ohh yes certainly will :) xx


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