Thursday, 2 January 2014

Haute Core

Black lipstick isn't something i thought i would be trying anytime soon, but when one of my best friends sent me an invite to her Mad Hatters black tie 21st, i knew that i had to have one. I quickly scoured the MAC website. If there was one place going to sell a black lipstick then of course it would be MAC. I actually bought this from selfridges and it literally came in the biggest envelope, all for a tiny lipstick. Poor trees :( I do also apologise for the shoddy instagram picture of the lipstick itself, but by now, i think we all know what a MAC lipstick looks like. I should, I've got about 20 of them. Need to stop buying lipsticks… it will never happen.  

I now to sure why my skin looks bloody amazing here, but i can assure you that in real life, my skin is not like this. I am also wearing false lashes, my lashes are short and stubby. A bit like me, but I'm not short.

I was actually just filming a videos when these selfies happened. I know eager. The video itself, won't be out until the 17th January. Just had to check my youtube schedule, but yes the 17th January, which is actually when the party is, so by the time its out, i will be pampering myself or even at the partaaayyyyy. I am fairly excited for it. Ive decided this year, i need to go out more. I think an insect, has a better social life then me. I think i have a fear of going out and socialising. I would rather sit in bed and watch youtube videos instead or just go to sleep. Man up Zoe you douche. Anyway, yes the MAC prices have once again risen. Damn it. £15 for a lipstick is getting a tad ridiculous, but i can't stop buying them regardless. So yes, i shall update you when the video is up and live, but i have more going up before them, so please go and check them out if you want too :) 

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The video is actually here.

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