Friday, 17 January 2014

December Haul - Nars, MAC, Jo Malone & Sigma

i know its blurry, all the more reason to watch the video :)

Back last year in December - I love saying stuff like ohh I haven't had a shower since last year. I have had a shower since last year. I know what you where thinking ewwwww - I was a tad naughty just after Christmas and a bit before and bought some sneaky bits. I was actually shopping for one of my best friends 21st present and so I bought some of them then, as I was jealous as what I was buying her and well my purse just automatically gave my card to the shops. I think there is some form of magnetic connection there, it's not actually me, I promise. Possessed card. I also picked up the Sigma bits from the Black Friday sales in America. They always do free shipping and well this time, my card was just there miraculously. Even worse is that I don't even need my card when I'm online shopping, as I know all my details of by heart. I think that says it all. I got a bloomin good deal on thesp Sigma bits so I couldn't resist them. Everything else, I definetley didn't need, but well yeah.

MAC Haute Core Lipstick
Well, to be honest, I'm not sure how much wear I'm gonna get out of this, but it's for a friends 21st, do I felt I could justify it. I have done a full blog post on it, which thanks to you lovely chumbugs has had the best feedback ever. You da bestest. I will link it heerrrrrrreeee, if you want to check it out and it was also in my last video, which I shall link herrrrreeeeeee. Shameless self promotion, if you subscribe to my channel, I guarantee that you will find me really weird. I am. No but I would love it if you could check it out and it really does mean the world to me.

Jo Malone Perfume
Okay, I'm not the biggest perfume wearererererer, but this bad boy had me hooked as soon as i got a whiff of it. I am not even going to attempt describing it to you, as well, lets me honest, i would most probably make it sound like it smells of dog sh*t and from experience of having 2 dogs, its not a nice smell. I don't go around smelling it, just incase your wondering. i may a tad odd, but I'm not that weird. at least i hope. It is pricey at £39, but oh my god, its so worth it and i can see it lasting a long amount of time. 

Nars Eyeshadow Duo
I clearly don't need anymore gold or bronze shades within my makeup collection as about half of my eyeshadows are gold or bronze. I think I'm just a magpie. I like shiny things. Like the shiny show. Did anyone else used to watch it? I watched it when i was like 7. Not the typical cbeebies ages. If it was still on, i would clearly still be watching it now. Anyway, yes, these are so pigmented, creamy and just bloody amazing. If your a keen Nars fan, you may have the seen the new narsissit palette going around on the web. OH MY GOD I NEED IT KNOW. GIMME. 

Sigma Brush Cleansing Glove
I love washing my makeup brushes, i do find it very therapeutic, but it used to take me agessss and I'm not the most patient person ever. I wasn't expecting to makeup  bloody friday purchase back last November, but well, i did and I'm am very glad that i did. This makes cleaning brushes bare able for anyone for doesn't like it. how could you not, its so relaxing, i thin k even stanley would like it. to eat. no puppy. It takes me about 30 minutes now to clean my brushes and thats so much more better then like an hour. 

Sigma Performane Eyes Kit
I don't know why, but i seem to have triple the amount of face brushes then eye brushes. I literally have no idea why, but i do. its not like i can use them all at once. well i could try. ohh, i may try that now. I also got these in the black friday free delivery malarky and well I'm very impressed with them. They are so useful i didn't expect them to be that good. I think if you buy these in the UK they are like £65, but i got both the brushes are the glove for that, so i am one very happy chubby bunny. 

So yeaasshhh here is a haul. I have another one coming up, but i will schedule that towards the end of the month, just so its not to intense, i will make monthly ones. this isn't an excuse to do more shopping zoe…. Also check out the video of it, where i do the most awful close ups you ever did see. 



  1. I thought the cleansing glove was an oven glove when I saw the picture...

    1. ahahahahahahahaha it does look like an oven glove for sure hahahaah


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