Thursday, 9 January 2014

Chase Paper - Paperchase/ Stationary Haul

Who doesn't love a good bit of stationary? ME. Now when ever my sister and i venture shopping, - which isn't regularly because she wants to spend 6 hours in HMV, whilst i would rather be in Space NK or the beauty department of House of Fraser - she literally spends hours looking at cd's and vinyls. The last time we went in was back in June last year and she spent about 30 minutes picking our a birthday card for me. I didn't even get that card. Waste of my precious time. I usually think they are overpriced and just ridiculous. Some of them are though, £100 for a box. Who do you think i am Richard Branson, no I'm a student who can't afford food! This being said, i took the courageous decision the over day to enter Paperchase with my friend and although it was stupidly busy -this is why i do shopping online, i don't like other people- and everyone got in my way, i found some extremely cute pieces. We originally went in there to look for photo-albums as this year, i want to document my year and take ridiculous amounts of photos, as i don't take enough. Taking pictures of your dogs doesn't count. Or selfies. Love a good selfie. I have got my eye on a polariod camera and as soon as i get paid, I'm buying it. I did get a camera for Christmas, but i love the look of polariod cameras and my Canon is amazing and i love it, but i use it for blogging, filming and uni work - and dog selfies and pictures i think are like really good and cool, but they are actually a pile of poop. Never become a photographer Zoe. Generally can't remember what i was talking about and i am not reading through what I've written so far, too many words, but yeah i bought a super cute notepad, which is amazing. I love the way it opens and that will keep me amused when I'm bored. I actually use it for blogging and youtube at the moment, but i definitely need another one for uni. LOL i just write on my hand at uni. typical student? I also bought a fountain pen, to be more civilised, mature and grown up. Its not going to happen, but i like to think it makes me look more sophisticated. Ohh big word and i managed to spell it without spell check BOOYAH. I also got a really cute little pencil tin so I'm not rummaging around for pens and pencils. This is me trying to be organised. It will last till the end of the week, maybe day. Then i got this photo-album which i can stick my pictures on myself and have it how i want it. I want to look back at the end of the year and look through all the memories I've had. I think it will be a nice way and also cool for the future so that if aliens take over the world, they will know who i was. I will be their ring leader, so they can worship me from their. Of course aliens are real….. I also bought glue sticks. I know thrilling, I'm not going to review how sticky they are, just that they are stupidly overpriced. They actually aren't that sticky. Dissapointed. 


  1. I get too excited over stationary! Ha, love Paperchase too hey always have such nice things.

    Claire x|Claire does beauty

    1. they do, I'm not a big stationary fan but now i love everything haha xx

  2. Ah I love stationary I will admit! Paperchase has just the cutest little bits and pieces!

  3. Your writing really makes me giggle!
    Thanks for sending over your link in the bbloggers chat, I'm loving reading your posts! (I can see myself spending a lot of time catching up on old posts too!)

    Had to follow you! love it! :)

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. this is by far the best comment ever. sending you big hugs and a massive thank you :D xxx


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