Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2013

First of let me just say its nearly Christmas 2014 style. I know early thinker, but before you know it the year will gone faster then you can say eggs for breakfast. Im not quite sure where i got that from. Im watching chitty chitty bang bang and sounded like they said that. They definitely did not! Back to the point. I am so so grateful and thankful for my family for buying me these gifts and i am in no way bragging. I also got tickets to see Queen B in London next year with my cousin, aunt, mum and sister and words can't describe how excited i am. I like to think I'm related to beyonce… not a chance in the world.  I have also done a video, where you can see everything in more detail, so be sure to check that out belowwwww. Anyway, i hope you had a lovely christmas and have a lovely new year.

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