Friday, 8 November 2013

The Future

Long time, no write down here on the ol' blog. Its been a long time and i've got no excuses apart from the same old final year uni work excuse. I think its reasonable enough. Anyway, today i want to talk apart the future. If there is one thing that i afraid of more then those horrible 8 legged things eurghhh then its certainly my future. I also feel so young at only 20, to be thinking about my future, i want to enjoy life, not be thinking about mortgages and all that stuff. Oh dear, forbid the day when i need to start saving - mission impossible.

 Today at uni we got a project launched all about our future and what we wanted to do and achieve. I don't know about anyone else, but i literally don't know what i want to do. So many of my friends know exactly what they want to do and how to do it and i am just sat there like, 'oh hey don't ask me'. Its quite embarrassing, but at the same time, i don't want to get my mind set on something, go for it and then be disappointed. I have always been an indecisive person, but there is one thing that i am 100% doing with my future and that is moving to Australia. I literally love it there so much and cant stand England. If someone said to me, you can move to Australia tomorrow, no hassles with visas, jobs, cars, house - its all there and waiting, i would hope onto the plane business class duh, jokes i'm in with the luggage then i so would go and drop everything. I would need a pet though, something to keep my company, maybe a pet crocodile or something pretty normal.

Last week or ago or so, i was weirdly thinking about the options that i could take for possible careers. My first thought was the obvious and go down the blogging route. I cant spell or write for shit, so there's now hope in that happening and i also hate re-reading my work so that's a definite no. Also thought of journalism, but yes i cant write so no hope there, and also i hate reading, so i cant exactly see that one working out. My next thought was working within textiles. So mainly making prints for fashion. That is the one part which i really enjoy and i am not a bragger but i know i am good at it. Feel stupid bigging myself up, Big up the zomeister. I joke, lets not. After thinking about my amazing writing skills, had a revelation and was like 'oh yeah i can work for Vogue or Elle and do something like that. I am sorry, but brain what the f*&^ are you thinking. No, just no. I would 1000% love to but they would never in a million years take me on, so lets rule that out. Oh yes and the next one is even better, i thought i would be a radio 1 dj. Yes, i just said that. Let that sink in. I don't even know what was going through my head - stupid brain. I am going to blame that one on listening to radio 1 too much.

Moving onto the more serious side of this. I am not a serious person, so this is extremely hard. I think maybe a job in social media would be more my thing. I am forever tweeting and on Facebook and instagram, currently cant use instagram on my phone so having a meltdown - mid life crisis? I think i need to research it more to find out what it involves and what not. Another thing i have always wanted to do since i was a young age is to become a make-up artist. When i say this, i think everyone has that idea of make-up artists being covered in make-up, not any good qualifications and just basically having a 'doss jobs'. I follow make-up artists very closely on instagram, twitter, youtube etc and my view has changed. I have so much respect for them and have gathered many inspirations of some such as Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, Zoe Taylor and Mary Greenwell. All very well known make-up artists and so talented at what they do. I think the one thing, that i know for sure i want to do is work within the beauty industry. I love writing about beauty products and get so excited when i buy a new piece and i do really enjoy it. Such a lame thing to say zoe - look at a thesaurus to get more vocabulary.

Throughout the summer, i also did a week work experience with the marketing team for Marks and Spencer's. I really did enjoy this, but as it was only a week, i personally dont feel like i got a real feel for the job. I would love to do it again and see what its like as its certainly not what i expected it to be like. Although it was good fun and i really did enjoy it.

With all this being said, my options, views, goals and everything may change, but i am adamant on living in Australia. Booked my consultation with them today to talk about visas and what not, but i think i have to go out there for a year first on a working holiday visa, which i am certainly not complaining about. Need some sun back in my life. Anyway all this being said, who knows what the future holds and what it will bring. Also this blog maybe a little quiet this year, got a lot going on, a dissertation to write, need to make some clothes and yeah all of that haha. I am going to have to make a uni blog/ website, so i will leave the link on here nearer the time so you can have a little look to see what i get up to when i blame all my excuses on uni work.

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