Sunday, 24 November 2013

Paul & Joe

In the past 2 days I've watched a whole series and half of series 2 of Gossip Girl. From the start. This is not good. I have a dissertation in for 2 weeks and have yet to write anything apart from the title. Also part 1 of my final project. With 8 toiles to make and a minimum of 12 print samples, I need to spend my time well and gossip girl is the perfect thing to procrastinate with. I really need a slap or something to kick me to do it. Must start tomorrow. 

Not to sure why i put my hair brush in there. Dont try that at home. 

Anyway, I thought I would do a review for you of my favourite new beauty product ish. After seeing this at the beginning of summer and then it becoming out of stock, I had to part with it and realise that I would never have it. However, my luck changed when I saw the lovely Hannah from alittlebeautyspot, posted a picture in her Instagram. I don't think I've ever made a purchase on the selfridges website so quick. My bank balance is still angry at me, he wasn't prepared to say the least. I really wanted it for my holiday to Morocco over the summer, as it would have been perfect but even thought it's pretty much Christmas, it is still being used to transfer makeup to and from uni and home. It's very useful I must say. After scouring the Paul and Joe website and seeing that they really like cats, I knew it was something I had to have. I actually despise cats, they are evil and they have funny eyes that look at me, like I'm a witch or something. Although I'm not a witch and cats like witches, okay I'm a dog. Nope, that sounds awful. Let's just go with we don't get on and also I'm allergic to them. 

The makeup Filofax, as some like to call it, is the most practical makeup bag I have ever come across. Although, I seem to fill it to the brim, so much so it won't even zip up, I've still managed to keep the essentials in there. Note - eyelash curlers don't fit, don't make them fit, or else they break and you have flat eyelashes, until you buy some more. Travel ones all the way. Each little compartment or little zipper bag if you call them that, are so handy and useful. I also love the brush part. It allows your brushes to stay together and not get the bristles ruined as much if they were just rummaging loose in your normal makeup bag. Also it makes them easy to find. I always manage to loose mine in my 'big makeup bag'. 

Keeping something organised and in place, is so nice and reassuring for someone like me, who can't even keep her socks in her socks draw. Note - being organised is good. Also helpful. I like to keep all my face products in one of the compartments and then my eyes and lip products in another. Recently my makeup has been uber simple, but my skin is having a major catastrophe with the weather changing and not enjoying it. Also can't seem to get my foundations to match my skin tone, my face is lighter then my neck and then my chest is darker then my neck. BIG DILEMMA. Looks like a spray tan or fake tan, gone wrong and I've never had a spray tan or used fake tan. Certainly not ideal. Anyway, I've been giving my skin a break and I think it's been good if I'm honest. It's certainly been nicer getting up a little later in the morning. I still use concealer when and where it's needed, but it's been a rare use. I think my eye makeup has been making up for that fact I've not been wearing foundation or any face products really. 

Anyway, ramble over, I don't even know if any of that made sense, but if it did, then like I said before give yourself a gold star. I also want to start taking a big plunge and making videos, but I'm not ready yet, but it's something I am thinking about for the future.....



  1. a beauty filofax, oh my word thats amazing!! Hope everything goes well with your dissertation, I became such a procrastinator when I was doing mine!! ;) xx

    1. it is beautiful haha. thank you got a meeting about it tomorrow. gossip girl has taken over my life though haha xx


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