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At the end of August, i was lounging about in a cloudy yet hot Agadir. I hadn't expected their to be sun from reading reviews on trip advisor, but once that sun came out you knew it was out to stay and burn you. Back in July i had a friend go to the exact same place, but stay in different hotels and she had warned me about the sun. Do not under estimate the Moroccan sun and was she right.

Starting from the beginning now, i went to Agadir, Morocco on the 22nd August - 2nd September. It was one of the most relaxing holidays ever. It was so nice to be able to chill out and get burnt tanned. We had booked the holiday back in December/January time. It was nice to go away with my auntie, uncle and 2 cousins. We had a lot of fun and a good old laugh. What more could you need then family, sun and a good old laugh. Too say we didn't do much is an understatement. Everyday we had the same routine. Between 7 - 8 someone would wake up and reserve 9 sun beds. I think that a very typical thing to do when your staying in holiday resort. Good sun beds with a good location looking over the pool is key. Not forgetting getting a good look at the aqua aerobics instructors when thats happening. Breakfast was around 9, depending on when everyone woke up. Having 9 people, who all have different sleeping habits was proven a struggle, but we managed to always get a meal. even my sister and i were always the late ones.. Then for the rest of the day it was sunbathing. At 12 midday sharp, my cousin, auntie, sometimes mother and i, would put down our books or iPads, sit bolt up right like meercats and watch the aqua gym or water aerobics as we called it. Of course, we never actually got into the pool and took part in this, we just watched the instructors. Being face on with them, of course it didn't look that obvious... Half 1 was always lunch time and that always took us a good  hour and half to eat and have a good old natter. After that it was the sunbathing and pool time. Words can't describe how cold the pool was. Even the hot tub and indoor heated pool were like sitting in a bath full of ice cubes. not exaggerating. At around half 5 - 6 everyone would leave the pool to have showers and of course i had to watch Glee. I dont even watch it, but it was the only thing one apart from pimp my ride. I think i said enough just saying pimp. Dinner would be around 8. Again we would go up, eat food, go up again if you wanted, scoff the food down. Go up for ice cream and that was it. We had the nicest waiter ever and he knew our drink orders of by heart. As soon as our plate was emptied, it would be gone, drinks refilled when nearly empty. Honestly couldn't have asked for better service. 

Occasionally, we left the hotel and had a wonder alone the beach front. I didn't do this much as i wasn't that fond of it and did get a bit scared. Im not sure why seeing as i think Egypt was a lot worse, but giving my experience there and my mother nearly selling me, thanks mum, i think that could be the explanation. 

On the last Saturday we had booked to go to Marrakesh. I was very apprehensive about this, as was everyone. As soon as the word snakes were mentioned, i knew i wasn't going anywhere near them. I thought they were going to eat me, not sure why or how but i did. Being home now and realising that after the trip and almost towards the end, i loved Marrakesh. We got told by our guide and some other people that its like Marmite. You will either love it or hate it. I love Marmite, so it was natural to share this love with Marrakesh. If you dont like marmite, please leave. Apart from the snake charmers and monkeys, it was like a maze and the main Square was the centre. Wondering through the small back streets to the souks was amazing. We were lucky to get dinner and lunch included. Working through the streets, you would have never imagined that the restaurants were on top of buildings, looking out into the city and deep within the souks underground. They were breathtaking and the food wasn't as bad as i had thought. The only thing i didn't understand or like where the samosas. I still dont understand them. Odd things. I could kill for a beef tagine. As we left, the square was getting busy and the locals where setting up their stores for the evening and people were flooding in to watch the snake charmers. I didn watch a bit of one, but as soon the one of then men picked up a snake and walked towards us, i ran. I dont run, but i think thats the fastest i have moved for a long time. Besides the 3 hour coach journey there and back it was an unforgettable moment and i loved it so much. I would definitely go back, but would need a map as i would get lost in the souks. I can't read maps. Could be interesting. 



  1. I love the look of Morocco, your pictures look beautiful. Danielle xx

    1. oh my gosh, its amazing, the pictures don't do it justice at all! xx


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