Monday, 25 November 2013

Chanel Vitalimiere Aqua

I'm not the biggest fan of foundations. I find it hard to find affordable ones which are the right colour. They all tend to be to pink in terms of undertones. I used to use the bourjois healthy mix and I loved it, but once I've used a foundation, I don't tend to re-purchase them, as I find I don't like them the second time round. I am the same with tinted moisturisers although I can't remember whether I have purchased the Laura Mercier one twice or not. I think I have, but I've got a mind like a gold fish. Some people would call me a gold fish. Cough my sister cough. 

I know your not meant to keep your foundation after a certain time and I have broken that rule. I bought my Chanel Vitalimiere Aqua at least a year and a half ago and I love it. I used to think that full coverage foundations where the way to go, but I've been proven wrong. Massively wrong. I am wrong most of the time, but I don't like to admit it. 

The Chanel foundation is £31 and I mean it's Chanel so your paying for the brands name mostly, but the foundation it self is amazing. Having dry skin isn't the best thing I have to deal with. This foundation is water based and it works miracles for me. No sticking or clinging. Hallelujah. Literally my prays have been answered for the perfect foundation. The coverage is very sheer, but it's certainly buildable and you can achieve a medium coverage easily, you don't need that much either. 

I would so so so so you get the jist recommended this to anyone with dry skin. Literally I would goals far as calling it my foundation saviour. Although I don't wear foundation anyway, I have been using little bit of this on areas where needed. Perfecto.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Paul & Joe

In the past 2 days I've watched a whole series and half of series 2 of Gossip Girl. From the start. This is not good. I have a dissertation in for 2 weeks and have yet to write anything apart from the title. Also part 1 of my final project. With 8 toiles to make and a minimum of 12 print samples, I need to spend my time well and gossip girl is the perfect thing to procrastinate with. I really need a slap or something to kick me to do it. Must start tomorrow. 

Not to sure why i put my hair brush in there. Dont try that at home. 

Anyway, I thought I would do a review for you of my favourite new beauty product ish. After seeing this at the beginning of summer and then it becoming out of stock, I had to part with it and realise that I would never have it. However, my luck changed when I saw the lovely Hannah from alittlebeautyspot, posted a picture in her Instagram. I don't think I've ever made a purchase on the selfridges website so quick. My bank balance is still angry at me, he wasn't prepared to say the least. I really wanted it for my holiday to Morocco over the summer, as it would have been perfect but even thought it's pretty much Christmas, it is still being used to transfer makeup to and from uni and home. It's very useful I must say. After scouring the Paul and Joe website and seeing that they really like cats, I knew it was something I had to have. I actually despise cats, they are evil and they have funny eyes that look at me, like I'm a witch or something. Although I'm not a witch and cats like witches, okay I'm a dog. Nope, that sounds awful. Let's just go with we don't get on and also I'm allergic to them. 

The makeup Filofax, as some like to call it, is the most practical makeup bag I have ever come across. Although, I seem to fill it to the brim, so much so it won't even zip up, I've still managed to keep the essentials in there. Note - eyelash curlers don't fit, don't make them fit, or else they break and you have flat eyelashes, until you buy some more. Travel ones all the way. Each little compartment or little zipper bag if you call them that, are so handy and useful. I also love the brush part. It allows your brushes to stay together and not get the bristles ruined as much if they were just rummaging loose in your normal makeup bag. Also it makes them easy to find. I always manage to loose mine in my 'big makeup bag'. 

Keeping something organised and in place, is so nice and reassuring for someone like me, who can't even keep her socks in her socks draw. Note - being organised is good. Also helpful. I like to keep all my face products in one of the compartments and then my eyes and lip products in another. Recently my makeup has been uber simple, but my skin is having a major catastrophe with the weather changing and not enjoying it. Also can't seem to get my foundations to match my skin tone, my face is lighter then my neck and then my chest is darker then my neck. BIG DILEMMA. Looks like a spray tan or fake tan, gone wrong and I've never had a spray tan or used fake tan. Certainly not ideal. Anyway, I've been giving my skin a break and I think it's been good if I'm honest. It's certainly been nicer getting up a little later in the morning. I still use concealer when and where it's needed, but it's been a rare use. I think my eye makeup has been making up for that fact I've not been wearing foundation or any face products really. 

Anyway, ramble over, I don't even know if any of that made sense, but if it did, then like I said before give yourself a gold star. I also want to start taking a big plunge and making videos, but I'm not ready yet, but it's something I am thinking about for the future.....


Wishlist #1 Nars

I love a good wish list. So much so, I am going to have a whole series of them I think. Polyvore, has got to be my favourite site and it's amazing. I'm not being sponsored to say that. It genuinely is amazing and makes my purse and myself weep a little bit. I have devised a plan to do it in brands or certain topics, so I could have a space nk episode and there WILL be a space nk one. I could happily live in the shop forever and ever. I will do some life and decor ones aswell. I like the idea of doing an ikea one as I've never been there - shock horror - and I've seen so many bloggers with homeware from there, I need to buy it all.

The first episode, I thought I would stick to my makeup obsessed ways and choose a very well known brand, that i think everyone and their aunties goldfish has heard of. I welcome to my blog 'The NARS episode'. Nars is a brand which has some of the highest quality products and some of the most chicest colabs and packaging. Note to self - use the word chic more often. Sounds jazzy. Dont use jazzy ever again

Nars Sheer Glow Foindation - If there is any foundation I want to try more, it's this one. I am so intrigued by it. I wouldn't say I'm a foundation kinda gal, as I find alot of foundations cling to my dry patches -that makes me feel sick, just thinking about it and saying it. It is a tad on the pricey side, but if it works, then I'm willing to pay. I am a firm believer that if you pay more for a product or something, then they normally work better, and from the experience I've had, they certainly do. I'm thinking when I get paid, this will be my next purchase.

Nars Ita Brush - I never need any new brushes, but the list of brushes I want, is also as long as my arm. Literally. After seeing Lauren from Lauren Curtis use this on some of her videos, I've been intrigued and desperate to try it. I love Nars Laguna and contouring is my favourite part when I apply my makeup, so this seems like the perfect brush to use. I don't know whether my local Space NK stocks this, but if they do, wrap it as it's sold. 

Nars Isole Eyeshadow Duo - If there is one thing that I don't need, it's more gold/ bronzes/ neutrals eyeshadows. If you were to look at my eyeshadow collection, then the trend of neutrals is certainly coming across. I have brown eyes and they say purple compliments brown eyes. I hate purple. It's nothing personal, okay it is, I just think purple is the most hideous colour ever. Maybe it's because my sister wears so much purple. And my mother. All I can say is I need this. Well I don't need it but I want it. Badly. 

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Belle De Jour - Honestly, the last thing I need is more lip products. I think they are the most makeup item I own and I rarely wear any of them. I like to wear them in my room, when no one else can see. I know, I'm really lame. I have recently been through a red phase, where I needed to buy every single shade of red. I think I've completed that mission and now I want to buy neutrals. I don't really own any, well 3 that I can think of. I want to find the perfect nude, that will suit me and I can wear it everyday without having the fear of looking like I have no lips. No one really wants to look like an egg with just eyes and a nose. I hope.

Nars Pressed Powder - Powder and I have a love hate relationship. I like a matte look, but with dry skin, it's not the best thing to go for. I can't find a powder that sets my makeup in place but also doesn't make it look like my face has no sheen to it. I find I look a bit flat in an odd way. I know, weird. I have the MAC MSF natural and we don't get along and the fact that it's undertone is pink and to dark for me, doesn't make it the best match. I've not heard to much about this product, but from what I have heard, apparently it's pretty darn good. 

So there we have my current wish list for Nars. It's not my actual list, it's just my top 5. If you want my real wish list for Nars then it's just everything. Simple as really. I have been eyeing these up for a whole now and I think it's going to be coming close to a big purchase of them all. Sorry bank balance.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


At the end of August, i was lounging about in a cloudy yet hot Agadir. I hadn't expected their to be sun from reading reviews on trip advisor, but once that sun came out you knew it was out to stay and burn you. Back in July i had a friend go to the exact same place, but stay in different hotels and she had warned me about the sun. Do not under estimate the Moroccan sun and was she right.

Starting from the beginning now, i went to Agadir, Morocco on the 22nd August - 2nd September. It was one of the most relaxing holidays ever. It was so nice to be able to chill out and get burnt tanned. We had booked the holiday back in December/January time. It was nice to go away with my auntie, uncle and 2 cousins. We had a lot of fun and a good old laugh. What more could you need then family, sun and a good old laugh. Too say we didn't do much is an understatement. Everyday we had the same routine. Between 7 - 8 someone would wake up and reserve 9 sun beds. I think that a very typical thing to do when your staying in holiday resort. Good sun beds with a good location looking over the pool is key. Not forgetting getting a good look at the aqua aerobics instructors when thats happening. Breakfast was around 9, depending on when everyone woke up. Having 9 people, who all have different sleeping habits was proven a struggle, but we managed to always get a meal. even my sister and i were always the late ones.. Then for the rest of the day it was sunbathing. At 12 midday sharp, my cousin, auntie, sometimes mother and i, would put down our books or iPads, sit bolt up right like meercats and watch the aqua gym or water aerobics as we called it. Of course, we never actually got into the pool and took part in this, we just watched the instructors. Being face on with them, of course it didn't look that obvious... Half 1 was always lunch time and that always took us a good  hour and half to eat and have a good old natter. After that it was the sunbathing and pool time. Words can't describe how cold the pool was. Even the hot tub and indoor heated pool were like sitting in a bath full of ice cubes. not exaggerating. At around half 5 - 6 everyone would leave the pool to have showers and of course i had to watch Glee. I dont even watch it, but it was the only thing one apart from pimp my ride. I think i said enough just saying pimp. Dinner would be around 8. Again we would go up, eat food, go up again if you wanted, scoff the food down. Go up for ice cream and that was it. We had the nicest waiter ever and he knew our drink orders of by heart. As soon as our plate was emptied, it would be gone, drinks refilled when nearly empty. Honestly couldn't have asked for better service. 

Occasionally, we left the hotel and had a wonder alone the beach front. I didn't do this much as i wasn't that fond of it and did get a bit scared. Im not sure why seeing as i think Egypt was a lot worse, but giving my experience there and my mother nearly selling me, thanks mum, i think that could be the explanation. 

On the last Saturday we had booked to go to Marrakesh. I was very apprehensive about this, as was everyone. As soon as the word snakes were mentioned, i knew i wasn't going anywhere near them. I thought they were going to eat me, not sure why or how but i did. Being home now and realising that after the trip and almost towards the end, i loved Marrakesh. We got told by our guide and some other people that its like Marmite. You will either love it or hate it. I love Marmite, so it was natural to share this love with Marrakesh. If you dont like marmite, please leave. Apart from the snake charmers and monkeys, it was like a maze and the main Square was the centre. Wondering through the small back streets to the souks was amazing. We were lucky to get dinner and lunch included. Working through the streets, you would have never imagined that the restaurants were on top of buildings, looking out into the city and deep within the souks underground. They were breathtaking and the food wasn't as bad as i had thought. The only thing i didn't understand or like where the samosas. I still dont understand them. Odd things. I could kill for a beef tagine. As we left, the square was getting busy and the locals where setting up their stores for the evening and people were flooding in to watch the snake charmers. I didn watch a bit of one, but as soon the one of then men picked up a snake and walked towards us, i ran. I dont run, but i think thats the fastest i have moved for a long time. Besides the 3 hour coach journey there and back it was an unforgettable moment and i loved it so much. I would definitely go back, but would need a map as i would get lost in the souks. I can't read maps. Could be interesting. 


Friday, 8 November 2013

The Future

Long time, no write down here on the ol' blog. Its been a long time and i've got no excuses apart from the same old final year uni work excuse. I think its reasonable enough. Anyway, today i want to talk apart the future. If there is one thing that i afraid of more then those horrible 8 legged things eurghhh then its certainly my future. I also feel so young at only 20, to be thinking about my future, i want to enjoy life, not be thinking about mortgages and all that stuff. Oh dear, forbid the day when i need to start saving - mission impossible.

 Today at uni we got a project launched all about our future and what we wanted to do and achieve. I don't know about anyone else, but i literally don't know what i want to do. So many of my friends know exactly what they want to do and how to do it and i am just sat there like, 'oh hey don't ask me'. Its quite embarrassing, but at the same time, i don't want to get my mind set on something, go for it and then be disappointed. I have always been an indecisive person, but there is one thing that i am 100% doing with my future and that is moving to Australia. I literally love it there so much and cant stand England. If someone said to me, you can move to Australia tomorrow, no hassles with visas, jobs, cars, house - its all there and waiting, i would hope onto the plane business class duh, jokes i'm in with the luggage then i so would go and drop everything. I would need a pet though, something to keep my company, maybe a pet crocodile or something pretty normal.

Last week or ago or so, i was weirdly thinking about the options that i could take for possible careers. My first thought was the obvious and go down the blogging route. I cant spell or write for shit, so there's now hope in that happening and i also hate re-reading my work so that's a definite no. Also thought of journalism, but yes i cant write so no hope there, and also i hate reading, so i cant exactly see that one working out. My next thought was working within textiles. So mainly making prints for fashion. That is the one part which i really enjoy and i am not a bragger but i know i am good at it. Feel stupid bigging myself up, Big up the zomeister. I joke, lets not. After thinking about my amazing writing skills, had a revelation and was like 'oh yeah i can work for Vogue or Elle and do something like that. I am sorry, but brain what the f*&^ are you thinking. No, just no. I would 1000% love to but they would never in a million years take me on, so lets rule that out. Oh yes and the next one is even better, i thought i would be a radio 1 dj. Yes, i just said that. Let that sink in. I don't even know what was going through my head - stupid brain. I am going to blame that one on listening to radio 1 too much.

Moving onto the more serious side of this. I am not a serious person, so this is extremely hard. I think maybe a job in social media would be more my thing. I am forever tweeting and on Facebook and instagram, currently cant use instagram on my phone so having a meltdown - mid life crisis? I think i need to research it more to find out what it involves and what not. Another thing i have always wanted to do since i was a young age is to become a make-up artist. When i say this, i think everyone has that idea of make-up artists being covered in make-up, not any good qualifications and just basically having a 'doss jobs'. I follow make-up artists very closely on instagram, twitter, youtube etc and my view has changed. I have so much respect for them and have gathered many inspirations of some such as Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, Zoe Taylor and Mary Greenwell. All very well known make-up artists and so talented at what they do. I think the one thing, that i know for sure i want to do is work within the beauty industry. I love writing about beauty products and get so excited when i buy a new piece and i do really enjoy it. Such a lame thing to say zoe - look at a thesaurus to get more vocabulary.

Throughout the summer, i also did a week work experience with the marketing team for Marks and Spencer's. I really did enjoy this, but as it was only a week, i personally dont feel like i got a real feel for the job. I would love to do it again and see what its like as its certainly not what i expected it to be like. Although it was good fun and i really did enjoy it.

With all this being said, my options, views, goals and everything may change, but i am adamant on living in Australia. Booked my consultation with them today to talk about visas and what not, but i think i have to go out there for a year first on a working holiday visa, which i am certainly not complaining about. Need some sun back in my life. Anyway all this being said, who knows what the future holds and what it will bring. Also this blog maybe a little quiet this year, got a lot going on, a dissertation to write, need to make some clothes and yeah all of that haha. I am going to have to make a uni blog/ website, so i will leave the link on here nearer the time so you can have a little look to see what i get up to when i blame all my excuses on uni work.
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