Monday, 23 September 2013

Pass Me The Pistachios

You will have noticed that I'm now back to this good ol'blog. I decided that I actually do like this blog and don't want to delete so here it is. I will still be blabbering on about the beauty products but I do want to also write more about life itself. Over this next coming year my final year at university is looming and I'm very scared to say the least. That being said, I will be popping on the odd fashion/uni related post. 

All this in mind, I thought today I would talk to you about my newest problem to enter my life. Not that I have that many anyway, but this one is a life long persistent battle. I'm now officially allergic to nuts. Let me just jump with joy at this amazing news. I can't say I'm thrilled about this at all. When it all first came about back in mid august, I was actually rather excited, but now it's been confirmed and I've got the epi pens to prove it, I actually really don't like it. I'm also allergic to cats, but I don't like them so I can live with this one. Not exactly life threatening. I hope.... With all this being said, I never realised how annoying it actually is. Also tape fact that toothpaste contains nut extract amazes me. Toothpaste. I can't believe it. I thought It was just food but clearly not. My moisturiser also contain almond oil, but I'm still using it and fingers crossed it wont affect me as its just going on my skin. Its not like I'm going to eat it. Also apparently sesame seeds are a nut. So know whenever i have a burger with that type of bun, i can't eat the bun. Damn you nut problem.

I go back to uni tomorrow and its just hit that not only is it my last year of uni, but also this is a life long illness/allergicness/allergy i have to life with.  Where has the time gone and to say I'm shitting myself is an understatement. It is definitely going to be tough as i have certainly found it hard over the last week. I bought a milkshake the other day and i had to pour it down the drain as it contained nuts. I nearly cried. I am hoping that i will never have a severe reaction to anything that I've eaten as i really dont want to stab myself in the leg. For some odd reason that doesn't appeal to me. Its not the needle that bothers me, its the fact that i literally have to stab my thigh. We went out for dinner yesterday at our local Bills restaurant and we go there a lot as my sister works there, but i didn't realise how much off their menu contains nuts, luckily my favourite rib eye steak didn't, but if it did, there would be massive trouble. I can't even eat their amazing brownie anymore. If you ever go to bills, get the brownie. Its intense. Enough of my rambles now, but if anyone does have a nut allergy, please let me in on some tips and tricks, not that think there are any, but it would be nice to know some fellow nut allergens buddies. 


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